Rica Q.
Lutong Bahay is #comfortfood!!!! When craving for a good and satisfying Filipino meal this is where to go. The owner and staff are very friendly, amiable and efficient!!! I go out of my way to satisfy my cravings.
Cayla D.
Amazing food and dope service. Will come back here again when I'm feeling lazy to cook my own Filipino food. I had the melon milk iced drink with the two main dish course of liver steak, Bangus (two pieces) w/ white rice. And another two main of just Sinigang, dinaguan, w/ white rice.
Dan Mark D.
This place is a hidden gem in Pittsburg. Filipino restaurants in the Bay Area are very common in the Peninsula, where there is huge demographic of Filipino population. Cities like in Daly City, South San Francisco, or San Bruno have Filipino restaurants everywhere. My girlfriend being a Pittsburg resident has introduced me this place. The wait for the food isn't that long and it's totally worth it. I visited twice already and will definitely be back. I highly recommend this place to other Filipinos who newly moved o visiting Pittsburg.
Gino R.
It's my first time back post pandemic and I was so happy that my fave Lutong Bahay survived! Although under new management, the place continue to use the old management recipes. Their Halo Halo (picture 1) came with leche flan and Ube ice cream plus an assortment of ingredients made from scratch! Yummy! I also bought their Ube Halaya (picture 2)which is to die for, just like my mom used to make. Looking at their refrigerated goodies, you'll be tempted in their Mais con Hielo, sago , melon and halo halo all made to order (picture 3) Just peruse at their menu and you'll know you're back home (picture 4 and 5)! Now that I know they're still on business, this is going to be one of many visits I'll make for this authentic Pinoy food!
Hong L.
I don't eat Filipino food very often (I've only had it like 4 times), so I don't actually know what certain dishes are supposed to taste like but I will say this place has been my favorite so far. Since I didn't really know what to order, I based my order on Yelp/Doordash pictures lol. I really liked the tapsilog, longsilog, palabok and pork lumpia. I also ordered the bangus sisigsilog because I wanted the whole fried milkfish but it turns out I ordered the wrong dish because it came chopped up with other things (my mistake, all the names confused me lol). Everything I got was flavorful and the garlic rice was good.
Hope B.
Whaa as t a great place. They serve genuine Filipino dessert which is really good! The workers are incredibly friendly which is a great bonus. Though there's not a lot of seating places inside there is some tables outside that is in the shade. If you are craving authentic Filipino dessert, this is a great place for you. If you haven't tasted Filipino dessert, you're missing out Highly recommend!
Iachi M.
Homemade breakfast favorites. If you are craving for the authentic sisig, this will satisfy your craving. Their lechon kawali tastes good too and not oily at all. Customer service is very genuine.